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About Us


Welcome to San Angelo’s brightest new café and bakery! Helen’s Bistro and Bakery Chapter 2 was first opened in August 2019 by owners Helen and Craig Keith. You can find us in the Stephens Library Café area! This beautiful space sat empty for over a year prior to our unveiling, and we are very proud to bring some life back into it through our homemade baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, and lunch options.

Before Helen’s Bistro and Bakery Chapter 2, Helen and Craig operated Silo House at the Chicken Farm and Art Center. Helen also runs her own food truck, Homemade by Helen, on S. Oaks St. in San Angelo. The two are also working on opening up another Helen’s Bistro and Bakery Chapter 2 location on Ave. N and S. Jackson St. Our library location is referred to as our “Chapter Two” since our main location is still in development. 

As we grow, we will be looking for more opportunities to reach customers and please them! We’re even working on acquiring second-floor balcony space in the library to provide our lunchtime diners with more seating.